Thursday, August 26, 2004

Magazine Report - MCN August 25, 2004

Ducati 749R Racing Plus Kit
Page 8 - Ducati has released an upgrade kit for the already ultra-trick 749R. The Racing Plus Kit includes

1. Ported and polished cylinder heads
2. A complete 57mm titanium exhaust system
3. New camshafts
4. Titanium Termignoni silencer
5. Racing ECU
6. Reprofiled carbon fibre airscoops
7. Carbon-fibre exhaust heat shield
8. Racing air filters

The resulting performance boost is claimed to be 19hp for a total of 136hp. All of this can be yours for only £5500 ($9845) or about $518 per hp.

Advanced motorcycle clothing
page 18-19 - MCN has a very interesting article about coming advances in motorcycle clothing. The article mostly highlights advances in materials.
Keeping you cool - Gore cool system
Keeping you cozy - Gore Airvantage
Regulate your bady heat - Schoeller phase change material
Toughest ever leather - Pittards Armortan
Saving your brain - Phillips headprotection system
Keeping you safe - Merhav airbag system
Keeping you dry and comfy - Gore-Tex Waterproof membranes
Super strong fabrics - Gore-Tex Armacor

Ducati Multistrada Long Term Test
Page 28 - Phil West loves the Multistrada. Here's what he has to say. "It’s a wonderfully unique machine which I love to bits. Its quirky mix and match design delivers a rich cocktail of experiences which nothing else on two wheels can beat." This week's article focuses on the upgrades Phil has added to the bike. MX style hand guards, Ducati Performance red chain, Ducati Performance alloy filler cap, Termignoni exhaust. If you have question for Phil about his experience with the Mulitstrada here is his email address.

Page 28 - The second annual 1500km Centopassi was a five-day road-based rally taking in tight mountain roads, magnificent views and sweeping open valley roads, integrated with a touring concept – in other words all the elements which make up the Multistrada’s DNA.

Silly Season
Page 45 - Carlos Checa has admitted that Ducati has expressed an interest in him riding in its factory team in 2005. Checa’s Yamaha deal expires at the end of 2004. He said: “I have had a good relationship with Ducati and I know there is some interest”. Whoa! This is not good. Checa is not the rider that Ducati needs to turn the Desmosedeici into a race winner. Prior to Rossi's arrival he was unable to make any headway with the Yamaha M1. Every teammate that has shared a garage with Checa has dominated him. Please, please, please Ducati there has to be someone else. Anyone else. My mother maybe?

WCM + Blata = Fiasco
Page 48 - Current MotoGP privateer WCM has announced that they will be partnering with Czech firm Blata to field a V6 engined racer for the 2005 MotoGP Championship. Never heard of Blata? Blata is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pocketbikes. This has all the trappings of an incredible fiasco.


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